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Funded by the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, the T32 Interdisciplinary Training Program in Hearing Research trains new scientists in hearing research. PhD students and postdoctoral scholars at UCI take advantage of interdisciplinary faculty participation across five Schools. Research area interests span both many levels (genes, molecules, cells, systems and behavior) and experimental approaches (cell and molecular biology, neurophysiology, psychoacoustics, computation, human imaging, human learning, medical device engineering). Trainees prepare for future careers as independent researchers by taking a course in Auditory Neuroscience and participate in a seminar series, a journal club, and annual conferences. Trainees are also required to take a course on grant writing and prepare an NRSA proposal.

NIH Award Number

Grant Period
July 10, 2010 – Present

Training and Skills


  • Auditory Neuroscience (Neurbio 260): Didactic training on the auditory system from cells to psychoacoustics, the cochlea to the cortex, and basic to clinical science
  • Scientific Communication (Neurbio 292): Grant writing and scientific communication
  • Responsible Conduct of Research (MMG250): Research ethics


  • Organize and lead CHR seminar series: Discussion of research topics
  • Attend SoCal Hearing Conference: Scientific presentation and interaction
  • Present at CHR symposium: Oral/written presentation and fielding questions
  • Write and submit NRSA proposal: Grant writing and written communication
Online App

Eligibility and Application Process

Please visit for eligibility and application instructions.

For a list of faculty and their research interests, please visit our faculty directory.

Current Trainees

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  • Kyle Arceo – Neurobiology and Behavior
  • Jarrett Ebersberger – Cognitive Sciences
  • Soo Bin Park – Neurobiology and Behavior
  • Kenta Watanabe – Cognitive Sciences


  • Kevin Johnston – Anatomy and Neurobiology


Past Trainees

This program is supported by:

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