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The Program

The minor in hearing and speech sciences provides the opportunity for in-depth training for undergraduates interested in becoming scientists and/or clinicians in allied-health fields. This minor draws on the strength of hearing and speech sciences across campus, and is designed to assist students preparing for graduate studies through a coherent plan of study.

Ginny Richards
Undergrad Honors Program Advisor
v.m.richards@uci.edu | (949) 824-2051
UCI School of Social Sciences

Career Future


Students interested in pursuing graduate clinical degrees in hearing, speech, or allied fields wil be encouraged to observe a professional as they complete the minor. This minor will help increase student opportunities to be admitted to postgraduate programs in audiology, speech-language pathology, biomedical engineering, and other allied areas. For those interested in clinical experience, this minor may also provide the opportunity to volunteer at local clinics via course-based internships.


Requirements for the minor are met by taking seven courses (28 units) as specified below:

Complete either:

  • BIO SCI N110
    Neurobiology and Behavior
  • PSYCH 160A
    Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience


  • Bio Sci N147 or Psych 161M
    Hearing and the Brain
Check Off List

Plus, one statistics course1, such as:

STATS 120A -B - C
Introduction to Probability and Statistics I, II & III

PSYCH 10A - B - C
Exploratory Data Analysis / Probability and Inference / Statistical Models

SOC SCI 10A- 10B- 10C
Probability and Statistics in Social Sciences I, II, III

Basic Statistics

Introduction to Biological Statistics

Intro to Public Health Statistics

1Other statistics courses may be acceptable as well

And four classes from the following categories
(at last one from each category)

Category A:

  • Math 3A or Math 113A
    Linear Algebra or Mathematical Modeling in Biology
  • Psych 114M or ICS 31
    Scientific Programming in MatLab or Intro to Programming
  • An addtional Statistics course "II" above.

Category B:

  • Linquistics 3
    Intro to Linquistics
  • Linquistics 10
  • Linquistics 51 or Psych 56L
    Acquisition of Language
  • Linquistics 155 or Psych 150
    Psychology of Language

Category C:

  • Bio Sci N152
    Developmental Neurobiology
  • Psych 131B
  • Bio Sci N160/Linquistics 158/Psych 161
    Language and the Brain

Research Requirement:

One quarter of research experience mentored by CHR member (other mentors may be acceptable as well; one year of research is highly recommended).

  • BME 199
  • Bio Sci 199
  • Math 199A, B or C
  • Psych 198 or 199

Note: Bio Sci 194S is a prerequisite to BME 199 and Bio Sci 199.

Residency Requirement:

A minimum of five courses required for the minor must be completed at UCI. Approved courses taken in the Education Abroad Program as considered to be in-residence courses.

Note: Within the School of Social Sciences, no courses may be used for both a major and a minor and no courses used for a minor in hearing and speech may be used for an additional minor.


Ryan PiliI found the Speech and Hearing Sciences minor a valuable and educational experience. I enjoyed the breadth and topics of the coursework; taking language, biology, programming, and statistics courses in conjunction helped me build stronger research skills. While sufficiently broad, the courses are cohesive and build smoothly upon each other. Additionally, the program and Professor Richards helped me develop as a Graduate School applicant. As a result, post-graduation, I will be attending UCSC for a Cognitive Psychology PhD program with a focus on speech production research.

Ryan Pili

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Ginny Richards
Undergrad Honors Program Advisor
v.m.richards@uci.edu | (949) 824-2051
UCI School of Social Sciences

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