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2017 SoCal Hearing Conference


September 23, 2017
9:00 am - 3:30 pm


Genomics Building Auditorium, UC Riverside


8:00 - 9:20 am - Coffee and Breakfast - Outside the Genomics Building
Please set up your posters during this time - Genomics building 1st floor lobby

9:20 - 9:30 am - Welcome
All talks will be 20 minutes with up to 10 minutes of discussion

9:30 am - Aaron Seitz, UC, Riverside, 'Development of Ambulatory Auditory
Assessment and Training for Central Auditory Dysfunction'

10:00 am - Dustin Brewton, UC, Riverside, 'Sound Localization Behavior in the
Pallid Bat'

10:30 - 11 am - Coffee break and poster viewing

11 am - Sarah Rotschafer, UC, Irvine, 'Developmental Emergence of
Phenotypes in the Auditory Brainstem Nuclei of Fmr1 Knockout Mice'

11 :30 am - Gabriel Elias. UC, Ir vine. 'Modulation of neuronal activity by acoustic
context in rodent auditory cortex'

12:00 -1 :30 pm - Lunch and Poster Viewing - Genomics building lobby

1 :30 pm - Glenna Stomackin, VA . Loma Linda, 'Effects of Tympanic-Membrane
Perforation on Middle-Ear Transmission in Gerbil'

2 pm - Louise Menendez, use. 'Developing an In Vitro Model of Sensory Hair
Cells using Direct Cellular Reprogramming'

2:30 pm - Sierra Broussard, UC, Irvine, 'Sequential effects in a spectral shape discrimination task'

3:00 pm - more coffee, posters, discussion

4:30 pm - adjourn

The SOCAL Hearing Research Meeting is sponsored by the Psychology department and the Research and Economic Development Office of UCR


1. Karolina K. Charaziak and Christopher A. Shera. Affiliation: Keck School of Medicine, Caruso, USC. "Effects of Ear Canal Acoustics on Sound Calibration and otoacoustic Emission Measurements·
2. Louise Menendez, USC. 'Developing an In Vitro Model of Sensory Hair Cells usinq Direct Cellular Reproqramminq.'
3. Wei Dong*, Anping Xia, Sunil Puri a and John S. Oghalai, VA Loma Linda, 'OCT measurements of in vivo organ of Corti compression within the gerbil cochlea r apex·.
4. Gabriel Elias. UCI, Modulation of neuronal a ctivity by acoustic context in rodent auditory cortex".
5. Xiaobo Wang, Otonomy, 'PharmacoKinetic and Toxicity Profile of OTO - 104: A Sustained Release Oexamethasone Hydroqel for Inner Ear Delivery'.
6. Natalia TsivKovsKaia, Otonomy, Susta ined Release Oexamethasone as a Preferred Treatment Against Various Forms of Hearing Loss
7. Bonnie Jacques, Otonomv. 'Methodoloqies in Pharmaceutical Development for Hearinq Loss'.
8. TaKahiro Ohyama, USC, Hepatocyte Growth Factor-c-MET signaling mediates the development of non-sensory structures of the mammalian cochlea and hearinq.
9. Eve Higby, Valerie Shafer, Monica Wagner, Anne Gwinner, and Tanja Rinker, UCR, 'Acoustic-phonetic versus phonological influences on perception of consonant clusters'.
10. Teresa Wen, UCR, 'MMP9 deletion rescues developmental abnormalities in the auditory cortex of a Fragile X Syndrome mouse model'.
11. Anders T Christiansen, USC, 'Probing apical-basal d ifferences in the human cochlea using DPOAE phase·.
12. Honqzhe Li, Ali sa Hetrick, and Liana Sarqsyan. VA Loma Linda, 'Nois e induced hearing loss in Dare Knockout mice·.
13. Tanner Sorensen, USC, Database of volumetric and real-time vocal tract MRI for speech science'.
14. Sonia Afroz, Sarah Reinhard, Kasim Pendi, Yasmien Hanania, Khaleel Razak. lryna Ethen, UCR. 'Altered PV and PNN expression in CA 1 hippocampus may underlie contextual recall deficits after auditory fear condmoning in Fmr1 KO mice'.
15.Alex Markowitz, USC, The biophysical properties of morphologically identified spiral ganglion neurons'.
16.Justin Faber, UCLA, 'Chaotic Dynamics of Inner Ear Hair Cells'.
17.Shaikat Hossein, USC, 'Factors in binaural sound coding for cochlear implant users'.
18.Susan Bissmeyer, USC, 'Factors AffectinQ Rate Sensitivity in Cochlear Implant Users'.

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