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2022 SoCal Hearing Conference


September 2022
9:00 am - 4:00 pm


Herklotz Conference Center, UC Irvine


8:15-8:45 Coffee and pastries
8:45-9:00 Welcome/Introduction
9:00-9:20 Mary Fagan, Chapman University: Early consonant production in infants with cochlear implants
9:30-9:50 Ivan Lopez, UCLA: Molecular pathology of the human inner ear at the NIDCD National Temporal Bone Laboratory at UCLA
10:00-10:20 Christian Herrera, VA Loma Linda: Cortical mechanisms supporting vocal gender segregation
10:30-11:00 Break and poster viewing
11:00-11:20 Alessandro Altoè, USC: A noise within: signal vs. noise amplification in the active cochlea
11:30-11:50 Sebastiaan Meenderink, VA Loma Linda:  Low-frequency traveling waves and longitudinal motion measured in the middle turn of the gerbil cochlea
11:50-12:45 Lunch and poster viewing
12:45-1:05 Harinath Garudadri, UCSD: Hearing aids research instruments based on the open- source speech processing platform (OSP)
1:15-1:35 Shade Avery Kirjava, UCI: Practical guidance on working with students and colleagues who are transgender and gender diverse
1:45-2:05 Susan Bissmeyer, USC: Noise reduction and music appreciation: Addressing the two main complaints among cochlear implant users
2:05-2:35 Break and poster viewing
2:35-2:55 Andres Camarena, USC: Pitch perception improves with increasing modulation depth
3:05-3:25 Matthew Richardson, UCI: Probing temporal pitch sensitivity in an animal model of cochlear electric stimulation
3:35 Last chance for poster viewing
4:00 (ish) Snacks at local spot for those interested

We thank our sponsors: The Center for Hearing Research, The School of Social Sciences, and the Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, UCI.


Matthew Kim and Mary Fagan, Chapman University:
Diversity of mother-infant interactions and vocabulary development in infants, with early cochlear implantation
Eduardo Martinez, USC
William Salloom, USC
A comparison of gain reduction estimated from behavioral measures and various transient-evoked otoacoustic emission measures as a function of broadband elicitor duration
Chandan Suresh, CSLA
Brainstem representation of rapid tonal sweeps among marching band participants with normal hearing
Tuo Shi, USC
Single-cell analysis of the zebrafish inner ear
Nathaniel Nowak, USC
Do cholinergic efferents directly modulate the ion channel properties of neonatal rat spiral ganglion neurons?
Hanan Hamad, CSLA
New generation auditory steady-state responses: the relationship between electrophysiological and behavioral threshold and test-retest reliability
Chukwuma Okonkwo and Chandan Suresh,CSLA
Comparing air-conduction and bone-conduction cervical vestibular evoked myogenic potentials responses for narrow-band CE-chirp level specific and tone-burst stimuli
Samantha O'Connell and Andres Camarena, USC
Musical timbre switching similarly affects normal hearing listeners and , cochlear implant users during pitch discrimination
Ryan Long, USC
In-vivo anatomical measurement of the human middle ear with hand-held
Michelle Fong, USC
Investigating mechanisms of cochlear synaptopathy using Tecta and Tecta C1509G/C1509G mice
Daniel Bronson, USC
Megana Iyer, USC
Samantha Stiepan, USC
Evaluating shifts in the human cochlear tonotopic map using binaural pitch matching and SFOAE delays

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