Journal Club

Unless otherwise noted, all Journal Clubs will be held via Zoom on Wednesdays at 4:00 PM pacific time. In-person (hybrid) meetings will take place physically on the UCI School of Medicine campus. Please contact Daniel Rindner for details, or if you would like to join the journal club (drindner at uci dot edu).

6/15/2022 IN-PERSON MEETING Special guest, Dr. Mathias Milczynski, Lead Software Engineer, Advanced Bionics Working in a Medical Device Engineering Team: First Steps, Guidance, Reflections, and Knowledge Sharing
6/8/2022 Special guest, Dr. Judith Borghouts, Postdoctoral scholar, UCI Department of Medicine Borghouts et al. (2022).
Understanding the potential of mental health apps to address mental health needs of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. JMIR. Hum. Factors.
6/1/2022 Kenta Watanabe, Doctoral student, Cognitive Sciences (Richards Lab) Otcenasek et al. (2022).
The subjective relevance of perceived sound aspects in remote singing education. J. Acoust. Soc. Am.
5/25/2022 @ 11 AM Special Guest, Dr. Alessandro Urciuoli, Postdoctoral scholar, Autonomous University of Barcelona Urciuoli et al. (2022).
Cochlear morphology of Indonesian Homo erectus from Sangiran. J. Hum. Evol.
5/18/2022 Daniel Rindner, Doctoral student, Neurobiology & Behavior (Lur Lab) Keppeler et al. (2020).
Multichannel optogenetic stimulation of the auditory pathway using microfabricated LED cochlear implants in rodents. Sci. Transl. Med.
5/11/2022 Special Guest, Dr. Maria Cristina Perez Flores, Research scientist, University of Nevada, Reno (Yamoah Lab) Flores et al. (2022).
Intrinsic mechanical sensitivity of mammalian auditory neurons as a contributor to sound-driven neural activity eLife
5/4/2022 Special Guest, Dr. Baher Ibrahim, Postdoctoral scholar, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Llano Lab) Ibrahim et al. (2021).
Corticothalamic gating of population auditory thalamocortical transmission in mouse eLife
4/27/2022 Special Guest, Seeon Kim, Doctoral student, Arizona State University (Luo Lab) Kim et al. (2021).
Mandarin tone recognition training with cochlear implant simulation: Amplitude evelope enhancement and cue weighting. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
4/20/2022 Special Guest, Drew McLaughlin, Doctoral student, Washington University in St. Louis (Van Engen Lab) McLaughlin et al. (2022).
Revisiting the relationship between implicit racial bias and audiovisual benefit for nonnative-accented speech Atten. Percept. Psychophys.
4/13/2022 @ 11 AM Special Guest, Dr. Müge Özker, Postdoctoral scholar, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics (Hagoort Lab) Özker et al. (2022).
A cortical network processes auditory error signals during human speech production to maintain fluency PLoS Biology
4/6/2022 @ 11 AM Special Guest, Dr. Roozbeh Behroozmand, Associate Professor, University of South Carolina Neural correlates of impaired vocal feedback control in post-stroke aphasia
3/30/2022 Dr. Akshat Arneja, Doctoral student, Cognitive Sciences (Middlebrooks Lab) Jeschke et al. (2022).
Effects of cortical cooling on sound processing in auditory cortex and thalamus of awake marmosets Frontiers in Neural Circuits
3/23/2022 n/a No journal club meeting today
3/16/2022 @ 9:30 AM Special Guest, Dr. Nick Lesica, Professor, University College London Baby et al. (2021).
A convolutional neural-network model of human cochlear mechanics and filter tuning for real-time applications Nature Machine Intelligence
3/9/2022 Special Guests, Shoutik Mukherjee & Yashish Siriwardena, Doctoral students, University of Maryland College Park (Shamma Lab) The MirrorNet: Learning speech production and perception through sensorimotor interactions
3/2/2022 Special Guests, Andres Camarena, Doctoral student & Grace Manchala, Medical student, University of Southern California (Goldsworthy Lab) Camarena et al. (2022).
Pleasantness ratings of musical dyads in cochlear implant users Brain Sciences
2/23/2022 Sima Chokr, Doctoral student, Neurobiology and Behavior (Cramer Lab) Long-term inhibition of CSF1R signaling impairs auditory brainstem function
2/16/2022 Kenta Watanabe, Doctoral student, Cognitive Sciences (Richards and Srinivasan Labs) Suppakitjanusant et al. (2021).
Identifying individuals with recent COVID-19 through voice classification using deep learning Scientific Reports.
2/9/2022 Daniel Rindner, Doctoral student, Neurobiology and Behavior (Lur Lab) Resnik & Polley (2021).
Cochlear neural degeneration disrupts hearing in background noise by increasing auditory cortex internal noise Neuron.
2/2/2022 Dr. Yasmeen Hamza, Postdoctoral Scholar (Zeng Lab) Hamza & Zeng (2021).
Tinnitus is associated with improved cognitive performance in non-hispanic elderly with hearing loss Frontiers in Neuroscience.
1/26/2022 Special Guest Dana Chan, Doctoral student, Northwestern University (Waxman Lab) Sign language promotes object categorization in young, hearing infants
1/19/2022 Special Guest Dr. Christian Herrera, Postdoctoral researcher, VA Loma Linda Healthcare System (Venezia Lab) Cortical networks for recognition of speech with simultaneous talkers
1/12/2022 Special Guest Liesbeth Gijbels, Doctoral student, University of Washington (Lee Lab) Remote audiovisual speech perception tasks in children
12/22/2021 – 1/5/2022 n/a No journal club meetings
12/15/2021 Shade Avery Kirjava, AuD, Doctoral student, Public Health Parallels in the medicalization of people Who are intersex and people who are deaf
12/8/2021 Special Guest Sandeep Kothinti, Doctoral student, Johns Hopkins University (Elhilali Lab) Auditory salience in natural soundscapes
12/1/2021 Special Guest Kaye Wang, Doctoral student, Ohio University (Xu Lab) The effects of spatial separation and voice difference on the release from masking in English and Mandarin Chinese speakers
11/24/2021 n/a No journal club meeting today
11/17/2021 @ 11:00 AM Special Guest Dr. Andrei Lukashkin, Reader, University of Brighton S.M. Flaherty, I.J. Russell, & A.N. Lukashkin (2021).
Drug distribution along the cochlea is strongly enhanced by low-frequency round window micro vibrations Drug Delivery.
11/10/2021 Dr. Fan-Gang Zeng, Professor & CHR Director M. Desai et al. (2021).
Generalizable EEG encoding models with naturalistic audiovisual stimuli Journal of Neuroscience.
11/3/2021 Daniel Rindner, Doctoral student, Neurobiology and Behavior (Lur Lab) A. Lasfargues-Delannoy, K. Strelnikov, O. Deguine, M. Marx, & P. Barone. (2021).
Supra-normal skills in processing of visuo-auditory prosodic information by cochlear-implanted deaf patients Hearing Research.
10/27/2021 Dr. Mustafa Nazir (Naz) Okur, Assistant Researcher, Department of Otolaryngology Therapeutic and mechanistic approaches to age-related hearing loss based on a premature aging genetic disorder
10/20/2021 Special Guest Katrina Deane, Doctoral student, Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology (Happel Lab) K.E. Deane et al. (2020).
Ketamine anaesthesia induces gain enhancement via recurrent excitation in granular input layers of the auditory cortex Journal of Physiology.
10/6/2021 Special Guest Dr. Arkarup Banerjee, Assistant Professor, Cold Springs Harbor Laboratory (Banerjee Lab PI) Neural Circuits for Vocal Communication
10/13/2021 Dr. Sibylla Leon Guerrero, Postdoctoral Fellow (Kroll & Peña Labs) E. Skoe, E. Burakiewicz, E. Figueiredo, & M. Hardin (2017).
Basic neural processing of sound in adults is influenced by bilingual experience Journal of Neuroscience.
9/29/2021 Akshat Arneja, Doctoral student, Cognitive Sciences (Middlebrooks Lab) K.L. Whiteford & A.J. Oxenham (2018).
Learning for Pitch and Melody Discrimination in Congenital Amusia Cortex.
9/22/2021 Kenta Watanabe, Doctoral student, Cognitive Sciences (Richards Lab) S. Vanneste, J.-J. Song, & D. De Ridder (2013).
Tinnitus and musical hallucinosis: The same but more Neuroimage.
7/28/2021 Sima Chokr, Doctoral student, Neurobiology and Behavior (Cramer Lab) C.-J. Hsiao and A.V. Galazyuk (2021).
Effect of Unilateral Acoustic Trauma on Neuronal Firing Activity in the Inferior Colliculus of Mice Frontiers in Synaptic Neuroscience.
7/21/2021 Jiaxin (Jason) Luo, Doctoral student in Biomedical Engineering (Zeng Lab) S.K. Hong et al. (2016).
Top-down and bottom-up neurodynamic evidence in patients with tinnitus Hearing Research.
7/14/2021 Ye Yang, Doctoral student, Biomedical Engineering (Zeng Lab) C. Han et al. (2019).
Speaker-independent auditory attention decoding without access to clean speech sources Science Advances.
7/7/2021 Dr. Amanda Nguyen, Postdoctoral Fellow (Xu Lab) Article 1: Kaylegian et al. (2019)
5XFAD mice show early onset gap detection deficits Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience.
7/7/2021 (cont.) Dr. Amanda Nguyen, Postdoctoral Fellow (Xu Lab) Article 2: Weible et al. (2020)
5XFAD mice show early-onset gap encoding deficits in the auditory cortex Neurobiology of Aging.
6/30/2021 Dr. Yasmeen Hamza, Postdoctoral Scholar (Zeng Lab) J.G. Zhang et al. (2021).
Effect of unilateral cochlear implant use on contralateral electrically evoked auditory brainstem responses to round window membrane electrical stimulation Acta Oto-Laryngologica.
6/23/2021 Dr. Raju Metherate, Professor & Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education T.S. Grover, J.A. Nguyen, V. Viswanathan, & R.M.G. Reinhart (2021).
High-frequency neuromodulation improves obsessive-compulsive behaviors Nature Medicine.
6/16/2021 Dr. Michelle Kapolowicz, Postdoctoral Fellow (Zeng Lab) T. Kurioka, S. Mogi, and T. Yamashita (2021).
Decreasing auditory input induces neurogenesis impairment in the hippocampus Scientific Reports.
6/9/2021 Special Guest Dr. Payton Lin, General Engineer Reviewer, FDA An Overview of FDA Medical Device Reviews
6/2/2021 n/a No Journal Club Meeting Today
5/26/2021 @ 10:30 AM Special Guest Dr. Elouise Koops, Postdoctoral Scholar (Harvard, Polley Lab) Central adaptation to hearing loss in the presence of tinnitus and hyperacusis
5/19/2021 Special Guest Dr. Harinath Garudadri, Research Scientist, UCSD Open-Source Platform for Hearing Healthcare Research
5/12/2021 Special Guest Brendaly Rodríguez, MA CPH Patient Centered Outcomes Research, Stakeholder Mobilization and Engagement (including Patients!): Building Research Capacity & Re$$ources Available
5/5/2021 Special Guest Assistant Professor Michelle Arnold (Univ. of South Florida, Auditory Rehabilitation and Clinical Trials Lab Director) Characterizing hearing handicap and hearing aid use in the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos (HCHS/SOL)
4/28/2021 Kenta Watanabe, Doctoral student, Cognitive Sciences (Richards Lab) C. Porschmann, T. Lubeck, and J.M. Arend (2020).
Impact of face masks on voice radiation JASA.
4/14/2021 Dr. Giedre Milinkeviciute, Postdoctoral Scholar (Cramer Lab) New roles for microglia in the development of auditory brainstem pathways
4/7/2021 Dr. Fan-Gang Zeng, Professor & CHR Director A. Armstrong, C.C. Lam, S Sabesan, and N.A. Lesica (Preprint).
The hearing aid dilemma: amplification, compression, and distortion of the neural code
3/31/2021 Joselyn Ho, Doctoral student, Cognitive Sciences (Chubb and Hickok Labs) M. Arjmandi et al. (2021).
Estimating the reduced benefit of infant-directed speech in cochlear implant-related speech processing Neurosci. Res.
3/24/2021 Spring Break No Journal Club Meeting Today
3/17/2021 Adwight Risbud, Medical student and visiting researcher (Djalilian Lab) M. Abouzari et al. (2020).
Adapting Personal Therapies Using a Mobile Application for Tinnitus Rehabilitation: A Preliminary Study Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol, 1-7.
3/10/2021 Mehrnaz Mehrabi, Doctoral student, Biomedical Engineering (Djalilian Lab) B.J. Gantz, R. Perkins, M. Murray, S. Carr Levy, and S. Puria (2017).
Light-Driven Contact Hearing Aid for Broad-Spectrum Amplification: Safety and Effectiveness Pivotal Study Otol Neurotol, 38:352–359.
3/3/2021 Special Guest Yi Yuan (Univ. of Florida, Oh Lab) Lip-reading or lip-aiding? – Visually-presented acoustic temporal envelope enhances speech perception in noise
2/24/2021 Dr. Mehdi Abouzari, Postdoctoral Fellow, Neurotology, Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery B. Conlon et al. (2020).
Bimodal neuromodulation combining sound and tongue stimulation reduces tinnitus symptoms in a large randomized clinical study Sci. Transl. Med. 12, eabb2830
2/17/2021 Jiaxin Luo, Doctoral student, Biomedical Engineering (Zeng Lab) M. Mielczarek, M., Michalska, J., Polatynska, K., & Olzewski, J. (2016).
An increase in alpha band frequency in resting state EEG after electrical stimulation of the ear in tinnitus patients – A pilot study Front. Neurosci, 10:453.
2/10/2021 Ye Yang, Doctoral student, Biomedical Engineering (Zeng Lab) M. Shoushtarian, R., Alizadehsani, R., Khosravi, a., Acevedo, N., McKay, C.M., Nahavandi, S., & Fallon, J.B. (2020).
Objective measurement of tinnitus using functional near-infrared spectroscopy and machine learning Plos One, 15(11).
2/3/2021 Katie Turner, Doctoral student, Cognitive Sciences (Zeng Lab) AlShebli, B., Makovi, K., & Rahwan, T. (2020).
The association between early career informal mentorship in academic collaborations and junior author performance Nat Comm, 11(5855).
1/27/2021 Special Guest Tracey Dorr My Journey: Finding the Light from Inside the Sound of Darkness
1/20/2021 Daniel Rindner, Doctoral student, Neurobiology and Behavior (Lur Lab) Cell type-synaptic integration of top-down and auditory afferents in the posterior parietal cortex
1/13/2021 Sima Chokr, Doctoral student, Neurobiology and Behavior (Cramer Lab) Dunn, C.C., Stangl E., Oleson, J., Smith, M., Chipara, O., & Wu, Y.H. (2020).
The Influence of Forced Social Isolation on the Auditory Ecology and Psychosocial Functions of Listeners with Cochlear Implants During COVID-19 Mitigation Efforts Ear Hear, 42(1), 202-28.
1/6/2021 Sebastian Waz, Doctoral student, Cognitive Sciences (Chubb-Wright Lab) Remote Testing for Auditory Research
4/25/2017 Alex Presacco (Middlebrooks Lab) Martin, B.A., Boothroyd, A., Ali, D., & Leach-Berth, T. (2010). Stimulus Presentation Strategies for Eliciting the Acoustic Change Complex: Increasing Efficiency Ear Hear, 31(3), 356-366.
3/28/2017 Katie Turner Gilles, A., Schlee, W., Rabau, S., Wouters, K., Fransen, E., & Van de Heyning, P. (2016). Decreased Speech-In-Noise Understanding in Young Adults with Tinnitus Frontiers in Neuroscience, 10, 288.
1/24/2017 Solena Mednicoff Chubb, C., Dickson, C.A., Dean, T., Fagan, C., Mann, D.S., Wright, C., … Kowalsky, E. (2013). Bimodal distribution of performance in discriminating major/minor modes. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 134(4), 3067-3078.
**11/29/2016** Maria Montchal Zatorre, R.J, Halpern, A.R., Perry, D.W., Meyer, E., & Evans, A.C. (1996). Hearing in the Mind’s Ear: A PET Investigation of Musical Imagery and Perception. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 8(1), 29-46.
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5/31/2016 Katie Turner (Zeng Lab) Shaheen, L. A., Valero, M. D., & Liberman, M. C. (2015). Towards a Diagnosis of Cochlear Neuropathy with Envelope Following Responses. Journal of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology : JARO, 16(6), 727–45.
4/26/2016 Maria Montchal (Yassa Lab) Oh, J., Kwon, J.H., Yang, P.S., & Jeong, J. (2013). Auditory imagery modulates frequency-specific areas in the human auditory Cortex. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 25(2), 175-187.
3/29/2016 Luke Baltzell (Richards Lab) Ding, N., Melloni, L., Zhang, H., Tian, X., & Poeppel, D. (2015). Cortical tracking of hierarchical linguistic structures in connected speech. Nature Neuroscience
2/27/2016 Special Guest Alessandro Pressaco (Univ. of Maryland) “Effects of aging on midbrain and cortical speech-in-noise processing”.
1/26/2016 Sierra Broussard (Saberi Lab) Doelling, K.B., & Poeppel, D. (2015). Cortical entrainment to music and its modulation by expertise. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 112(45), E6233-E6242.
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10/27/2015 Jon Venezia (Richards Lab) Bernstein, J. G., Mehraei, G., Shamma, S., Gallun, F. J., Theodoroff, S. M., & Leek, M. R. (2013). Spectrotemporal modulation sensitivity as a predictor of speech intelligibility for hearing-impaired listeners. Journal of the American Academy of Audiology, 24(4), 293.
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